21st Century Republic of Learning

The 21st Century Republic of Learning
So how might we use the alchemical inspiration of the medieval Republic of Letters to open up self-determined learning for all in the 21st Century?

  1. Recognising the process of self-determined learning, or heutagogy, is a fine start.
  2. As I have done with the WikiQuals project, develop a rigorous process of self-determined accreditation.
  3. Create original places that support self-determined learning in their own way
  4. Let’s call that federation the Republic of Learning.

Key Criteria;
This is a start and I intend to evolve these criteria in discussion with others who are interested in transforming education. However these criteria will be based on the concept of self-identification in which we choose to identify ourselves, rather than be identified by others; as learners, as places and in the forms by which we choose to represent our learning.

Three big issues outlined in more detail in 12 criteria as follows;
1. Learners
1. Everybody wants to learn
2. People’s learning choices might look eccentric but will be meaningful to them as they embody agency
3. Learning is an emergent process best realised through self-determination.
4. We all benefit by letting individuals determine their own learning paths.
5. As a species our knowledge is the sum of individual learning choices
2. Places
6. We haven’t yet codified an emergent learning process, so no places exist that allow for emergence
7. We need to create self-determined places of learning (Heutagogy of Place)
8. Each place of learning should create its own charter describing the learning process it supports and what (facilities) it will make available. A place to hold conversations is enough.
3. Resources
9. Everyone can choose to represent their learning however they wish;
11. History of my Learning in 10 objects (an example on xtlearn.net)
12. Self-accredited learning, such as WikiQuals, or other self-determined forms of expression

Becoming part of the Republic of Learning

1. Identify as part of the Republic of Learning by posting a LeRN sign outside
2. Create your own Learning Charter (in this place we…)
3. Invite people in and Share your learning

That’s it… you’ve joined the Learning Revolution

Gallery of possible LeRN self-badging designs (or create your own)

These ideas will be further developed and shared on this Republic of Learning blog

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