13 Steps to the REpublic of Learning

documenta KASSELL What is the Republic of Learning? Institutional Psychotherapy (Part Two) I have been working on how to build learning infrastructure (instead of educational institutions for many years and The Republic of Learning, inspired by the discursive, collaborative medieval Republic of Letters which, in the UK, flourished in our Civil War especially through the […]

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Republic of Learning 2022

documenta KASSELL What is the Republic of Learning? Institutional Psychotherapy Learning is pre-institutional. As a species humans learnt by interacting with their (environmental) context and shared that learning with each other over millenia. As neuroscientist Daniel Levitin points out in This Is Your Brain on Music we sang before we talked and we are a […]

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21st Century Republic of Learning

The 21st Century Republic of Learning So how might we use the alchemical inspiration of the medieval Republic of Letters to open up self-determined learning for all in the 21st Century? Recognising the process of self-determined learning, or heutagogy, is a fine start. As I have done with the WikiQuals project, develop a rigorous process […]

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Republic of Learning

Republic of Learning Overview; It is my belief that we are naturally curious and carry within us both the desire to learn and many capabilities that enable us to learn. As a species we’ve long passed on our learning experiences mimetically, not genetically, and have had several, flawed but useful, attempts at codifying the learning process, […]

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The Learning Begins

We are defined by what we learn, and what we learn helps define who we are. Now is the time to claim our learning as ourselves… “I am a citizen of the Republic of Learning.” — Erasmus 1522

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